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The Thrift Find That Made Me Go Viral On TikTok

The Thrift Find That Made Me Go Viral On TikTok

The Thrift Find That Made Me Go Viral On TikTokAn Unexpected Thrift Store Find + How It Sent Me Viral

They say great things take time.

Like perfecting your chocolate chip recipe or getting a college degree.

For me, it’s thrifting.

I’m always on the hunt for something special and I happen to find the best thing ever while I was shopping with my mom recently. (Or rather, SHE found it!)

A little backstory – my 71-year-old mom’s style can be described as “geriatric garden club” with a closet full of t-shirts with birds and flowers on them.

We recently went thrifting together and got split up in the store.

When she found me, she was excited to show me some “butterfly shirts” she found.

Thinking she had some graphic tees, I was all set to humor her.

Turns out, she found TWO vintage sequined butterfly blouses from the ’80s.

These have been a dream thrift item for me for years, thanks to Dina of Dina’s Days. (She has amazing luck at finding them!)

I was absolutely flabbergasted and had a full-body reaction.

My mom didn’t know what she found but insisted I had to get them based on how I looked when I saw them.

I would have paid a million dollars for them but thankfully my local thrift store was only asking $8.82 each.

The viral part happened next – I shared this exact story on my social media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) and the internet did what it does best… boosted my videos to loads of like-minded strangers around the world.

hannah is wearing a purple & red 1980s vintage sequined butterfly blouse

It really took off on TikTok with thousands of views overnight and dozens of comments from folks who own one or have a good memory of them wearing their own vintage butterfly blouse.

If you found me because of these blouses, THANK YOU!

It’s been amazing to see the positivity that’s come from such a happy piece of clothing!

hannah is wearing a red 1980s vintage sequined butterfly blouse



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