The Great August Thrift Haul Video

Hannah Rupp and Oprah thrift haul video

Who’s got two thumbs and made a great August thrift haul for you? Hint: it’s not Oprah. Click through to expirience the haul in all it’s greatness.

My August thrift haul turned out better than I expected and I have Oprah to thank for that. She recommended the Unclaimed Bagged Center in Scottsboro, Alabama and I happened to be in that area for a vacation this summer.

While I wasn’t wowed by that store, I did have good luck in other areas down south. My video below goes into a lot more detail, as well as shows you what I found for the whole month.

You can expect a lot of ’80s era finds, celebrity cameos, and pretty clothes I probably didn’t need but had to have. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are in the comments if you’ve also thrifted in Scottsboro before! Enjoy!