Rad Recommendations: Vol. 3

Rad Recommendations: Vol. 1

This week was bananas! So let’s rewind and focus on the good parts of it in my series called Rad Recommendations!

If you’re new here, Rad Recommendations is a round-up of links & internet things I’ve been digging lately. I’ve put together outfit posts, funny videos, and everything in between. The only qualification for my list is I have to think it’s RAD! So please enjoy my finds…

• A friend was convinced I modeled for that GIF. Nope! But Denyse Mitterhoffer is a wickedly talented artist that you should be following on Instagram.

• I tried out the new Nylon box and even filmed a very honest review!

• ’80s music has never been cuter than in this Sesame Street video.

• Youtube’s Coolirpa demonstrated how to make awesome patches which is the perfect companion video for my post about reusing iron-on patches.

• My next DIY project to tackle is tassel earrings!

• Everything that Siobhan wears makes me smile and this summer-y outfit is no exception.

• National Thrift Shop Day was August 17th but it’s never a wrong time to learn about the history of thrifting from thredUP.

• Speaking of! If you’ve never shopped on ThredUP, you can treat yourself to something by using my $10 off code. (Yes, even good on $10 orders!)

Let me know in the comments what radical links you’ve discovered recently. Thanks for reading!