Rad Recommendations: Vol. 1

Rad Recommendations: Vol. 1

This week has been kind of topsy-turvy for me so I thought it’s a great time to bust out a new series I’ve been dreaming up called Rad Recommendations!

The title really says it all. This is a round-up of links & internet things I’ve been digging lately. I’ve put together outfit posts, discount codes, and everything in between. The only qualification for my list is I have to think it’s RAD! So please enjoy my finds…

Everyday Unicorns Just a Unicorn Trapped In This Body Black T-shirt Feminist Friendly Clothing Female Fashion Valery Brennan

• I’m so proud of Valery for starting her own feminist friendly t-shirt design biz. This shirt sums up the Everyday Unicorns description pretty well.

• My next DIY project will most likely be this bejeweled handbag.

• Yours truly is named one of the Top 20 Thrifting Blogs To Follow according to ThredUP. Is this real life?

Quirky Curves has been my latest YouTube binge. She hooked me with her Modcloth in-store try-on video!

• To those who’ve asked – YES, my PO box is remaining open! It’s mine for another 6 months. You can get the address on my contact page.

• I love this refreshingly honest look at how to succeed on the internet without really trying by Color Me Courtney.

Let me know in the comments what radical links you’ve discovered recently. Thanks for reading!