Pretty In Pink and Red

I don’t always wear pink & red together, but when I do, it looks something like this.


Truth time: wearing pink & red makes my skin crawl. It’s a problem that I knew I needed to face head on – especially when someone asked me in my reader survey if it was ok to wear them together. (That’s nice of you to think I have some authority on fashion. Really, I’m just an avid fan!)

Of course you’re welcome to wear whatever you like and what makes you feel good. But my gut reaction was “yuck, I hate those colors together.” I wanted to explore that more and see what it was that I didn’t like and try to find a way to wear them that I would enjoy.

I’ve concluded that it’s because I view them both being such strong colors that can hold an outfit on their own so I don’t see why they should be together. But because I want to get past this problem and help this reader, I came up with an outfit as a solution.

pink-and-red-outfit-valentines-day-07 pink-and-red-outfit-valentines-day-01 pink-and-red-outfit-valentines-day-02

After a lot of hours spent dreaming up an outfit, I finally came up with what you see in this post. Funny enough, this red blouse and pink jacket hang side-by-side in my closet at all times. Why did I never see this combination before??

I went with bronze accents to complement the hardware on this jacket and then added the leopard print flats because I basically feel naked if I don’t wear a print or pattern. Just me?

I also reunited with my red lipstick after spending so many months apart. In the ultimate act of avoiding red & pink together, I refused to wear red lipstick while my hair has been every shade of pink. My hair is finally washed out enough that I really don’t mind it.

pink-and-red-outfit-valentines-day-03 pink-and-red-outfit-valentines-day-06 pink-and-red-outfit-valentines-day-04

So here are the steps I took to come up with an outfit as well as what I learned about wearing red and pink together:

  • Wear it in small doses on your head. Try a pink lipstick and a red headscarf or a pink hat and red lipgloss.
  • Keep the color isolated to just your accessories. Like a red belt and pink shoes.
  • Add in another color to break it up. Blue, purple, and black are a great place to start.
  • Think beyond solid colors and try to wear prints and patterns that are already red & pink – like floral or plaid.

Overall I learned that wearing pink and red together takes a lot of creativity to get right but the end result is really eye catching and fun. Definitely give it a go if you have not already!

Red thrifted blouse, $1.23
Gifted statement necklace
Black Old Navy Rockstar jeggings, $20
Pink Online Consignment store jacket, paid with gift card
leopard print flats, $7
911D red lipstick by Wet’n’Wild