You Know You’re Obsessed With Fashion Week When…

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It’s always fashion week somewhere!

Fashion week is an event that brings novice fashion lovers (like me) and full fledged snobby critics together in a thrilling week full of models, trends, and runway drama.

Whatever your reason for watching, here are some sure signs that you’re obsessed with it.

You Know You’re Obsessed With Fashion Week When…

… you plan your schedule around watching the runway shows online.

… you catch up with every season of Project Runway to get you pumped.

… you start experimenting with your outfits more.

… you clean out your closet in preparation of new trends.

… you dream in fashion.

… you stay up late online reading trend predictions.

… you go on a major follow spree seeking out new designers and fashion influencers on Twitter and Instagram.

… you create a Pinterest board or IRL moodboard to express your feelings.

… you buy a special notebook just to take notes from the shows.

… you sob over the September issue because it’s just so perfect.

… you can’t wait for the next Fashion Week to start the madness all over again!

How obsessed with fashion week are you?