November Monthly Thrift Haul Video

Don't miss my new star studded thrift haul! I'm not saying Beyonce is in it but I'm also not NOT saying she's in it.

Where did the month go? It feels like I was just sharing what I thrifted in October and now here we are again.

My thrift haul video is short, sweet, and totally star studded this month. I’m not say Beyonce is in my new thrift haul video but I’m also not not saying she’s in it.

I didn’t thrift much, but I think I thrifted just enough. It’s the time of year where most of my energy is focused on buying gifts for others so I’m cool with dialing back on my own purchases. Without any further ado, here’s the video you came here to watch:

For my friends who can’t watch the video, here’s a brief overview of what I found this month:

November Monthly Thrift Haul clothes: Seventeen for Sears sweaters, cat printed vest, vintage patterned cardigan, plaid high waisted stirrup pantsIn continuing with the cat theme from my video thumbnail, my cat hanger (an old Forever21 purchase) models my latest clothing finds from the Goodwill Black Friday sale where all clothes were only $1.23!

And here’s some other fun things I picked up:

November Monthly Thrift Haul: Goosebumps bed sheet, Vogue magazines, Sheena Easton cassette tape, craft jewels

Magazines, .50 cents each – Cassette tape, .50 cents – Jewels, .57 cents – Goosebumps sheet, mom bought on eBay for $10

So that’s how my month looked like! How’s your thrifting lately? Share with me your trials and triumphs in the comments. Bonus points if you have a thrift haul I can check out. I’d love to see what you’re buying!