My Last Thrift Haul Video of 2015

Never one to be above using a great pun; it’s time for my last thrift haul video of 2015. Prepare yourself for ’80s references, fashion-y bits, and things that are clearly the wrong size…

My Last Thrift Haul Video of 2015 | The Outfit Repeater

I wrapped up December 2015 with my last thrift haul video of the year. I wanted to go out with a bang and I think I did just that. I found things that I never would have dreamed of finding in a million years (spoiler alert: it’s not the fuzzy craft balls)

I didn’t try to go out of my way to thrift, so everything you see is just from my regular stops, which is probably 5-6 places. I think that just makes what I find even more amazing. These things were just waiting for me!

Watch the video down below or join me on my YouTube channel. Subscribers are always welcome!

Pretty spectacular, right? I may have even gotten a new thrifting motto to follow in 2016: If you think it, you can thrift it.

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Thanks for watching me today.. or watching me on silent if you’re trying to keep your video watching habits on the DL from your office.. I appreciate you either way.

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