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Style Q&A with Clothes and Pizza

Style Q&A with Clothes and Pizza

TGIF! It’s time to go behind the seams with another fashion blogger to find out what her style secrets are!

As the title implies, this is a series I’ve started here on my blog where I pick the brain of my favorite fashion people to find out what their style secrets are.

If Gwen Stefani and Madonna had a lovechild, it would be Abby of Clothes & Pizza. I “met” her on Instagram a few months ago and it was love at first site. She was cool enough to let me ask her questions relating to style and I’m thrilled to share the answers with you!

Let’s dig in…

How did you get into fashion/fashion blogging?

I have been reading style blogs for years. Shout out to Beth Jones, Krystal Bick, and Leandra Medine, who I was reading religiously even before Instagram was invented (can you imagine a blogging world pre-Insta?!)

In my early 20’s I dreamed of starting a style blog, but I really just didn’t have the time or resources to make it happen. Fast forward to last summer—I had just gotten married, just turned 30, just started a new job, and suddenly it hit me: if I didn’t start my blog now, I never would. So I bought my domain, designed my website and logo, and enlisted my shiny new husband as my photographer. It’s been a huge learning experience for the both of us, but it’s also a really fun project for us to collaborate on.

Where do you draw outfit inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from everything! Celebs and other bloggers (obviously), but also movie characters, art, and historical figures.

I typically have a pretty specific idea in mind when I’m creating an outfit. I’m usually channeling a person/character, or time period, or building the outfit around one statement piece. I love challenging myself to channel a persona without looking like a caricature of that persona. For example, there’s a big difference between drawing inspiration from, say, Jackie O, and looking like someone dressed up in a costume of Jackie O.

I have a really hard time describing my personal style because I like to switch things up way too often to nail down a particular niche. Although an overarching theme is “wearable vintage”: I like to integrate thrifted clothing with contemporary brands to create current looks that feel unique without being too costumey.

What is one thing you’d never give away in your closet and why?

It’s hard to pick one thing! I have so many special pieces that I could never part with. So I’ll have to name a few more than one :o)

  1. This gray faux fur leopard coat I found at a thrift store 5 years ago. It was mega cheap (probably $10) and I get SO many compliments on it. The lining is starting to fall apart but it’s such an incredible piece, I’ll never let go of it.
  2. These duo-tone kiltie work boots. I won them in a trade with a friend and they are one of my most prized possessions. I don’t wear them very often lately because they need to be re-soled, but I promise I’ll get the fixed and wear them on my blog again soon!
  3. This tropical mumu. Another thrifted gem, this mumu came into my life a few years ago. It’s such a versatile piece—I wear it as a beach cover up, to the office, and even to summer weddings. It also has pockets! I feel like if I were reincarnated as a garment (I know that’s not how reincarnation works), I would be reincarnated as this mumu.

Who are three fashion bloggers inspiring you at the moment?

Other than you (of course), and the three gals I mentioned previously, here are some ladies I’m currently loving:

  • Pandora Sykes is an all around badass. She’s smart as a whip, witty AF, and has style for days.
  • Julia Dalia: this lady rocks jumpsuits and her natural hair like a goddess.
  • Anna-Marie Hoang is a total risk taker and it’s so inspiring!
  • Style By Ada. The way Ada layers is otherworldly. The raised hands emoji was invented for her.

I love gals who take chances with their outfits! Mixing prints, playing with proportions, and not being afraid to look unconventional. Fashion is so much more fun when you aren’t bothered with looking sexy all the time.

[Tweet “Fashion is so much more fun when you aren’t bothered with looking sexy all the time.”]

What style advice would you give others?

  1. Have fun with your clothes! I love clothing as a form of self expression and empowerment. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your outfits—try clashing colors, smashing patterns and mixing genres—rules were meant to be broken.
  2. Find your most flattering silhouette and run with it: for me, it’s fit ‘n flare, high waist, and wide leg. Almost every item of clothing in my closet falls into one of these categories. Because I know what my fool-proof silhouette is, it’s easier to make quick and accurate decisions when I’m shopping or putting together a look.
  3. Set parameters. When you’re in an outfit rut, give yourself some guardrails in order to get the creative juices flowing. For example, pick out one clothing item and build every outfit for the week around it. You’ll be surprised at how many unique combinations you can create when you’re forced to!

Thank you so much to Abby for letting me get inside her pretty little head. Please do visit Clothes & Pizza, and then follow Abby on Instagram and Facebook. It will be the best decision of your day! Unless, of course, you choose to eat pizza. Then following her will be a close second.?

Is there a blogger you want to see featured here in the future? Let me know in the comments below, even if it’s a nomination for yourself. Why not brag a little? ?



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March 24, 2017 12:22 pm

I love how supportive some fashion bloggers are of each other. Abby’s style is the bee’s knees.
Thanks for sharing.

March 26, 2017 8:16 pm

I love the bit about if “I don’t start my blog now, I never will.” I think you just have to jump into it. There’s never going to be a perfect time or moment! I love that. :]


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