DIY Jacket Flair in Under 5 Minutes

DIY Jacket Flair in Under 5 Minutes

Who would have thought you could make jacket flair with a few household supplies in under 5 minutes?

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If you’re not familiar with jacket flair then you’re missing out. Basically flair is just any accessory that adorns your clothing by way of a pin.

It’s my favorite, and most worn, accessory that I’ve highlighted it in past outfit posts (like here & here) but today I’m excited to show you how to make your own! And you guys.. it’s SO FREAKIN’ EASY!

So settle in with your craft supplies and let’s get started…

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I don’t think my excitement for this project comes across in the photos like it does in my videos. So if you’re more of a visual person and love video instructions, I’ve got them for you right here:

✂️ Supplies used ✂️
Pin backings
Mod Podge
Similar hot glue gun

Thanks for enjoying this tutorial with me. Be sure to share this totally Pin-worthy project if you found it helpful. And send me a photo of your own creations so I can share them on my social networks! <3

DIY Jacket Flair in Under 5 Minutes