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My Brother Styles An Outfit For Me

My Brother Styles An Outfit For Me

Oh brother! This is what happens when a sibling styles you.

By now you’ve had lots of time to meet my older brother Ethan in the hilarious YouTube video we recently made together. Well, he’s so popular that I’m bringing him to my blog!

The idea to have him put together an outfit for me was spawned by a previous post where my mom styled an outfit for me. My brother was stoked because he’s a dude who exclusively wears black so he thought it’d be a fun challenge!

My Patreon supporters get access to a behind-the-scenes video of my brother & I playing in my closet. For everyone else, you get to see the final outfit and hear my thoughts on it in this post!

Pattern Mixing

My brother and I are very different but we can both agree to a good mix of patterns in the outfit!

I like the gingham cover-up he chose to pair with this striped dress. It was somehow bold and subtle at the same time. How is that even possible?!

A Pop Of Color

By adding red as a pop color, I could really see Ethan trying to reflect his punk aesthetic into my outfit. I am totally cool with that! I’ve been known to wear a band tee or two around here and it’s always a style I love.

I Hat This

Gotta be honest.. I’m not a fan of the hat. Like, in general. I don’t know how it’s made it through so many of my closet sweeps!

I begrudgingly wore it for this outfit but it wouldn’t be my first choice (did he forget about my sweet pork pie hat?) and I’m not sure I like how much it clashes with the other black and white pieces. Oh well!

I shared this outfit with my mom and she gave it a big thumbs up. She even thought I styled it myself! While it’s a fun look, I feel like it’s more of a parody of my style.

Be sure to tell me how you think Ethan did by leaving a comment on my Facebook or Instagram page!

Thrifted dress and cover-up, $4 total (shop similar dress, shop similar cover-up)
We Love Colors tights in “black”, gifted (shop exact tights)
Walmart flower necklace, $1 old (shop similar necklace)
Dollar Tree hat, $1 old (shop similar hat)
Outlet store flats, $10 (shop similar shoes)
MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (shop exact lipstick)