Black & White & Sunny All Over

You know what’s black & white & sunny all over? This outfit post! joke drum


How funny is it that my last outfit post was like a rainbow in human form and this outfit looks ripped from a black & white movie? Well, it’s not like funny funny but I thought it was at least worth pointing out.

I felt like playing with the absence of color but of course had to put my own twist on it. Clashing patterns & vintage touches? You bet!

striped-tee-black-skirt-pattern-mixing-outfit-03 striped-tee-black-skirt-pattern-mixing-outfit-02

I bought this striped shirt and patterned skirt a few years back – on the same thrifting trip no less! I always toyed with the idea of wearing them together but the outfit just never came happened. Flash forward to now and they’re finally getting their chance!

Instead of a predictable pair of black tights, which are oh so easy to grab on the go, I switched it up and went for gray. I am far from being a creature of habit so little things like this help me feel like I’m keeping things fresh.

striped-tee-black-skirt-pattern-mixing-outfit-05 striped-tee-black-skirt-pattern-mixing-outfit-06

Is there anything you do when you feel like your outfits are just a copy of one another and you want to shake things up? (Ooh, that would be a fun topic to explore in a future blog post!)

Oh and the pink hair is still going strong. This will [hopefully] be it’s final week on my head and then I’m moving on to a better, brighter color. (Ha! Nothing will ever be brighter than this pink.) It’s been fun but like I said, I’m not a creature of habit so I’m ready for something new! Any colors I should try in the future? Don’t forget I have already done purple. 🙂

Thrifted skirt, bottom and sunglasses, $5
Old ASOS pork pie hat, paid w/ gift card
Garage Sale jacket, $1
Gray We Love Colors tights, gift (shop exact tights)
Black Walmart flats, $6
Lip color is Fuschia by YSL