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Where Is All The GOOD Stuff Going at Goodwill?

Where Is All The GOOD Stuff Going at Goodwill?

illuminated goodwill logo and bright blue wall

What Happens To The Good Stuff at Goodwill?

When you donate to any of the 13 locations of Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin, the goods are resold in-store, online, or responsibly recycled through one of their salvage programs.

Assisting those in need is always a top priority for the individuals at Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin, who recognize the vital importance of managing donations responsibly and streamlining their processes in order to reduce waste.

gaylords stacked high at the goodwill e-commerce home office
Gaylords at the Goodwill Home Office storing overflow from individual stores and items to be responsibly recycled
goodwill baler full of textiles to be recycled
A baler full of unsold and unusable textiles to be responsibly recycled at Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin

Goodwill Home Office Tour

I got to learn more about this firsthand when I took a tour of the Goodwill Head Office recently.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to speak with employees who shared their personal connections to the Goodwill mission.

They also explained their individual roles in the resale of goods, supporting employment programs, facilitating group homes, volunteering for income tax assistance, and other community outreach programs.

hannah rupp wears a bright blue shirt, rainbow skirt, and standing in front of the goodwill logo

rows of books on blue shelving
The well organized e-commerce media department of Goodwill

a vintage baby doll in brightly dress clothing for sale

Why Shopping & Donating At Goodwill Matters

As a non-profit organization, Goodwill relies on the sales of their donated goods to fund all of these services.

When you purchase a $6 shirt from Goodwill, you are doing far more than just adding to your closet–you are actively contributing to the creation of fulfilling, independent lives for members of your own community.

Goodwill of South Central Home Office Tour



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