This Is Why I Wear Pink

You probably know by now that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You’ve also probably seen many campaigns for the cause and carry mixed feelings about what some campaigns truly stand for and how they can help when they simple urge you to wear a particular item. Awareness is good, but taking action is better.

The truth is, nothing you wear will make breast cancer go away. Even so, this is why I wear pink:

This Is Why I Wear Pink | The Outfit Repeater

I wear pink because it gives me and others the chance to start a dialogue about breast cancer. It’s interesting that a color can evoke emotion in people and given them a chance to open up.

We live in a time when almost everyone has a story to share of how cancer has touched their lives and it’s a beautiful thing to share in somebody’s trials & triumphs.

This Is Why I Wear Pink | The Outfit Repeater

I wear pink because it’s a visual reminder of the battle so many are going through. It’s easy to get caught up in your own life that you forget the struggles of others. It’s great to have that small reminder close by to get you out of your own head and remember there are real problems in this world.

This Is Why I Wear Pink | The Outfit Repeater This Is Why I Wear Pink | The Outfit Repeater

I wear pink for those who can’t. For those who’ve lost their battle. To the grandma I never had a chance to meet, to my aunt who faces a new challenge everyday, and to everyone who left us too soon.

I will wear pink in celebration of their lives!

This Is Why I Wear Pink | The Outfit Repeater

Nothing I wear will make cancer go away. We need a cure to do that. Please consider donating to help find one sooner.

You can give directly to your favorite charity, or for a more advanced form of breast cancer, you can give to Metavivor (thanks to Jenny for the recommendation!).

Now I want to know, why do you wear pink?

This Is Why I Wear Pink | The Outfit Repeater

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  • nmettille

    That’s an interesting way to look at it. I do find the commercialism of breast cancer awareness to be a little unpleasant as cancer battles are so much more than the perky face that the pink movement puts on everything. But, your perspective of it being a reminder of the struggles others are facing is a good one.

    • Thank you! That was really what I was trying to get at. It seems that campaigns like this start off with good intentions but eventually end up getting commercialized like a holiday. I’m glad to have a deeper connection with pink.

  • Lisa

    Honestly because of what has happened to the movement, like products that cause cancer being sold with pink ribbons, I prefer the movement the Breast Cancer Fund has started. They are focused on prevention and they use purple and pink. My best friend’s mom died of breast cancer and her favorite color was purple so that makes it very special for me. It’s such a terrible illness and I do like your reasoning for wearing pink, I just wish more of the effort with the pink ribbons was on prevention and true cures and not marketing.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Lisa! Hopefully that change will happen in our lifetime. Keep on rocking pink & purple for a good cause. <3

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