The Little Black & White Floral Dress


It’s not the 1990s anymore? I guess me and my black & white floral dress didn’t get that memo.

Move over LBD* and make room for my floral print version!

This outfit didn’t start off as a nod to the ’90s but here we are anyways. What good is having a personal style if you don’t exercise your freedom to dress from other decades every once in awhile?

*Little Black Dress.

floral-dress-90s-blue-hair-outfit-03 floral-dress-90s-blue-hair-outfit-01Despite this outfit having major throwback vibes, the individuals pieces of this look are actually really timeless.

Not to sound like a broken record, but this dress has been my go-to this summer. If being an outfit repeater is wrong then I don’t wanna be right!

After wearing it for about the 100th time, I was getting a little bored of the dress as is. Because it was still the dead of summer, my layering options were limited. A cardigan was too heavy, a blazer was completely out of place, so what did that leave for options?

Enter: a sheer white button-down to the rescue! I tied it up for a cropped look ala Cher from Clueless and rocked the ’90s style complete with bright blue hair and the perfect round sunnies.

floral-dress-90s-blue-hair-outfit-06 floral-dress-90s-blue-hair-outfit-02

Who knew a white-button down could look anything but business? You just never know what could be hiding in your closet. A dress could be a skirt, a scarf could a be shawl, and a button-down can become a cardigan!

Hopefully this post inspires you to reimagine your clothes and dress outside of your comfort zone. It’s totally possible to get creative in your closet, with or without the aid of Cher’s closet. Again, another Clueless reference because like the ’90s, that movie is timeless. 😉

floral-dress-90s-blue-hair-outfit-04 outfit-details-imageThrifted dress, top and sunglasses, approx. $2.50 total
Gifted necklace
Silver Walmart sandals, .75 cents (old)
NYX lip color in BLS17


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  • Noelle

    Your shoe collection is extremely admirable. Every post has some exciting shoe tidbit waiting inside of it and knowing you struggles thrifting your shoe size, that just speaks to your shopping abilities. I tip my hat to you!

  • The dress is gorgeous + I love it with the tied shirt… and can imagine your dress transitioning so beautifully for autumn too! xo

  • Ana Valentin

    I love this outfit super 90s but definitely not out of place! I have a similar t shirt so I might wear an outfit inspire by you 😉

  • Anna Hubbard

    I’m a huge fan of 90’s fashion, so I totally love this look! Also, your hair is freakin’ AMAZING!
    -Anna |

  • Why thank you so much, Noelle!

  • Yes, you bet. Thanks, Veronika!

  • DOOO IT!!!

  • Who doesn’t love ’90s fashion?! Thanks, Anna! You da best. 🙂