An Old Vintage Dress and Brand New Hair

If you think something seems different about this post, you’d be right. I just can’t seem to stick with one hair color or one decade of fashion to wear!


My last blog post was a thrift haul video in which you would have seen this pretty vintage dress (and matching jacket, not pictured). After another hair color mistake, I found it to be the perfect time for it’s inaugural wear.

While it may be autumn in real life, my new magenta hair was just begging for bright spring colors. I’m starting to get really used to this “seasonless” dressing. Shh.. don’t let the fashion police know!

floral-mod-dress-magenta-hair-outfit-12 floral-mod-dress-magenta-hair-outfit-04 floral-mod-dress-magenta-hair-outfit-05

The colors of this outfit may scream spring but the layers are most certainly weather appropriate. I thought I’d have some fun with mixing decades so I decided on wearing this sheer, black blouse (previously seen in this thrift haul video) under the dress.

This is the perfect way to extend the life of your summer dresses. If you’re not already doing it, you must! (Though I have to think if you’re reading my blog, chances are you’re a fan of dressing weird so you already do this.)

Accessorizing this look was so much fun. I sorted through my massive collection of colored tights until I found these lavender ones. I couldn’t get them on quick enough because I was already visualizing the final look and I was living for it.

floral-mod-dress-magenta-hair-outfit-06 floral-mod-dress-magenta-hair-outfit-11

I’ve got to give a big mad props to the color purple for playing such a prominent role in today’s outfit post. Without it, this post would be a sad, colorless slice of internet.

Here’s to many more rose colored hair posts in the future!

outfit-details-02Thrifted floral print dress, $2.46
Thrifted black blouse, $1
Lavender thrifted tights, $1.50
Black Wal-Mart flats, $6
Thin black belt, from another skirt
Berricle cateye glasses necklace, gift


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  • Emily

    I LOVE this dress so much and I cracked up during your thrift haul video when you were like, “Sorry Kristina, I’M KEEPING THEM BOTH,” haha

  • You are killin’ the candy colored hair game!

    • Thanks, Jessica! I’m not even trying. lol

  • I totally am doing the same thing, seasonless dressing! I love your new hair and that dress!

  • Anna Martin

    Love the colors in that dress! Beautiful! <3

    – Anna

  • Genita

    Floral prints dress are always beautiful and i love the hair coloring.

  • AH you look fantastic with colorful hair! I’m still debating whether I want to dye my hair or not — it’s in REALLY good condition right now, so I’m afraid to mess with it because I like having shiny hair. But I also love colorful hair, so… I guess we will see!
    Also, that dress. Ah, what could have been mine. I might have to borrow it come spring (because i’m sort of practicing seasonal dressing to keep myself from buying too many clothes.)

    • I would venture to say that a lot of unnatural hair dyes are vegan and made of really healthy stuff so they’re actually helpful to your hair. (Also OMG all the conditioner you’ll use is a great bonus, too!) It’s the bleach that really kills it but even then there are somewhat safe alternatives. I understand your hesitation though so maybe it’s not right you at this moment.

      I would love to see how this dress looks on you. I’m sure you could style it to show off it’s full retro glory! 🙂

  • Loooooving everything about this outfit!

    • I’m loving everything about this comment. Thanks, Jamie! 🙂

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