My Last Thrift Haul Video of 2015

Never one to be above using a great pun; it’s time for my last thrift haul video of 2015. Prepare yourself for ’80s references, fashion-y bits, and things that are clearly the wrong size…

My Last Thrift Haul Video of 2015 | The Outfit Repeater

I wrapped up December 2015 with my last thrift haul video of the year. I wanted to go out with a bang and I think I did just that. I found things that I never would have dreamed of finding in a million years (spoiler alert: it’s not the fuzzy craft balls)

I didn’t try to go out of my way to thrift, so everything you see is just from my regular stops, which is probably 5-6 places. I think that just makes what I find even more amazing. These things were just waiting for me!

Watch the video down below or join me on my YouTube channel. Subscribers are always welcome!

Pretty spectacular, right? I may have even gotten a new thrifting motto to follow in 2016: If you think it, you can thrift it.

Thanks for watching me today.. or watching me on silent if you’re trying to keep your video watching habits on the DL from your office.. I appreciate you either way.

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