January Monthly Thrift Haul Video

Way to go! You made it through another week and the first month of the year.

I don’t know about you but I spent a lot of this month anticipating snow (you lucky east-coasters and your Winter Storm Jonas), experimenting with my hair (which you’ll see in the video below), and, of course, thrifting.


You’ll notice my monthly thrift haul video is wildly shorter than any I’ve ever posted. I just wasn’t finding things that wow’d me and, after last week’s post on thrifting & cleaning, you know I just don’t have time for useless stuff in my life. So everything I bought I feel is essential or is going to get plenty of use.

You might also notice that I look wildly different in my new thrift haul video. Don’t worry, hopefully I’ll be looking normal soon.. or as normal as someone with rainbow colored hair can be. 😉

Oh, I didn’t share the video yet? Here ya go:

I’d love to hear about your thrifting trials & triumphs this month. Did you find anything from your thrifting wish list? I’m still slowly adding to mine as I think of things. At least I can check one thing off from this months haul!

Here’s hoping that February is a more fruitful month. Happy thrifting!


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  • Ummmm can we talk about your Barbies behind you? I am pretty sure I had the little plastic one in the top left and it is bringing back the FEELS! MAAANNNNN!


    • It wouldn’t surprise me if you had them all. They were a mainstay in McDonald’s Happy Meals back in the ’90s. You weren’t cool unless you had them. 😉

  • I’m also seriously loving those Barbies! Aaaand, I can relate to your hair struggles…I bleached and dyed mine pink on high school and my hair was literally like straw when I tried to wash it out. Good luck!

    • It’s so frustrating trying to get the right cut/color. Sometimes I think I’d be better off wearing a wig. Then I’d get exactly what I want. Ha!