Nap Time | Outfit

Nap Time | Outfit | Nap Time | Outfit |

This cozy outfit is perfect for sleeping through the polar weather we’re experiencing because I have a knack for dozing off while wearing maxi dresses. My theory is that the silhouette mimics the feeling of a blanket thus tricking my mind into thinking it’s time for bed, even if it’s only two in the afternoon.

So don’t ask me what I was thinking when I paired this comfy maxi with a floor sweeping blanket cardigan! It was a wonder I got any work done this weekend.

Outfit details:
Cardigan – $10 (outlet store)
Maxi dress – $1 (thrifted)
Booties – $15 (K-Mart, old)
Necklace – from my aunt
Pork pie hat – paid w/ gift card (, old)
Lipstick – 911D + Perty Persimmon by Wet’n’Wild


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  • haley

    Great layers happening here!
    I keep thinking you live in my area, but then I saw the snow and realized maybe not! :/ haha loving your style!

    Colour Me Classic

  • Jessica

    This is the best jacket in the whole world even if it looks to be taller than me.

  • The Fashion Kidd

    love that!

  • Jenna Opsahl

    This is the cutest outfit! I love that jacket sosososo much.
    I love your hair too, you are adorable.


  • Eccentric Owl

    This looks like the most comfortable outfit on the planet. I mean… blanket cardigan? Yes, please. I would probably fall asleep in it, too. But then, I’m pregnant and now I fall asleep whenever I sit still for longer than five minutes, so…
    You look pretty amazing in this.

  • haley

    Si—Sacramento! Come visit!

  • Hannah

    I wish because aren’t you in the Cali area? I’m in the frozen tundra also known as Wisconsin. 😉

  • Hannah

    HAHAHA! I think if I was even an inch shorter it would be taller than me too.

  • Hannah

    Aww thank you, Jenna!

  • Hannah

    Your comment made me laugh out loud! Oh you poor thing.. sleeping all the time. 😉

  • Tonya Smith

    haha perfect nap outfit! I could definitely see how a cardigan could feel like a blanket..they’re perfect to snuggle up in! Love the print too!

  • Arianna Henderson

    Such a cute outfit! I can’t believe you got that dress for only $1!! I need to go shopping with you, girl!

    Arianna //

  • Sabrina K

    that sweater is seriously amazing!!!