Mega March 2015 Thrift Haul Video

It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been making YouTube videos for over a year now and started my monthly thrift haul series just last March. But here we are in 2015 and I’m still going strong!

Mega March 2015 Thrift Haul Video | The Outfit Repeater

Similar to last March, this March did not fail to deliver the goods. My new thrift haul video has everything but the kitchen sink! Well.. maybe it has the kitchen sink. Watch below and find out!



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  • Eccentric Owl

    I need to go thrifting SO BAD. I mean… I haven’t gone thrifting in about 2-3 months. Before I got married I went sometimes weekly or several times a week and I miss it. You got some awesome stuff!
    What does the side tag on that vest look like/say? If it’s 70’s it’ll have content and wash instructions, pre 70’s just content, and 80’s was the era of “Made in USA”
    It looks very 70’s to ms though. I love it!

    • I’ll try to send you a snapshot of it and see what you can make of it.

  • Lyndsey M

    Wow you literally thrift the most amazing things! I love that you got the “H” mens shirt- I actually thrifted a size 5X navy blue tee shirt in the mens section that says “God Is Love” (in leopard print letters!) and I totally wear it as a nightgown. Great minds think alike! <3<3

    • No way! That is really awesome. Gee, men have such great taste in clothing. 😉

  • Ana Valentin

    I vhave to thrift wherever you do. These prices are insanely great. My thrift store sucks and is overpriced. I loved the babysitters club too btw

    • I’m a cheap person. lol I almost never pay the ticket price because I’m scouting for the sale tags and clearance racks.

      Yay for BSC!! Who’s your favorite member? Spill!

  • Rūta

    I seriously need to watch this, but I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now being super hipster and what not, and I don’t have headphones. First world problems, seriously.

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