Lipstick Jungle | Outfit

Lipstick Jungle | Outfit | The Outfit RepeaterIt’s funny to think that just a few short years ago my lips had never worn lipstick. Yet here I am today rockin’ a bold red mouth with a mini matching purse!

If you’re wondering why you don’t see this fabulous hair more often, that’s because these pictures were snapped shortly after cutting my hair in May and I swear I cannot get it to look this good again. Because of that, I’ve basically written off this pixie cut and am letting it grow back out. Like Brooke Shields with her Calvin’s; nothing gets in between me and my curls.

(I was so tempted to write ‘this hair just ain’t cutting it!’ but I didn’t want to sound punny!)
Lipstick Jungle | Outfit | The Outfit RepeaterLipstick Jungle | Outfit | The Outfit RepeaterLipstick Jungle | Outfit | The Outfit RepeaterLipstick Jungle | Outfit | The Outfit Repeater

In case you’ve ever wondered what precautions I take to reach my woods-y photo locations, it’s this. All of this.
outfit-detailsDress – $20 (
Lip purse – $5 (
Heels, $10 (outlet store)
Necklace – $5 (Wal-Mart)
Lip color – Really Red by Revlon


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  • Ahhh stripes! I love it 😀

  • Emily

    OK, your hair DOES look totally fabulous here! While you’re growing it out – have you tried going to bed w/wet hair? I know it sounds nuts but it has done wonders for my curls.

    ps I totally covet this dress … so good!

  • At Wednesdays I Wear Pink

    You look gorgeous. That dress it’s so pretty !


  • Thanks for the recommendation, Emily! I have actually tried sleeping with wet hair. When it was longer, that method was helpful to my curls. Unfortunately at this length, it gets all jacked up. I’ll just have to be patient and wait for my hair to get longer.

  • WOW- you look so HOT! Form fitting dresses are surely your thing, as well as red lips and that amazing, curly pixie! I think it looked awesome when you curled it like that again in your how to style a pixie video. It looked just as good!!

  • The Fashion Kidd

    That bag!!!

    Also I adore your hair curly like that. If I had guts to chop off all my hair I would most def make an afro.


  • Ahh, I know. This purse just *gets* me! Thanks, Laura. 🙂

  • Thank you! The hair is growing on me. haha