June Monthly Thrift Haul Video

With all that I had going on in June, thrifting really took a back seat. Luckily, July has already started off with a bang  though after I hit up a huge sale in a barn. Guess you will have to stick around ’til the end of the month to see what came of that!

I just wanted to give you fair warning that if you blink, you just might miss my new thrift haul. Despite being small, I think I still racked up some pretty awesome goods. See for yourself by watching my new video up there!June Monthly Thrift Haul Video | The Outfit Repeater


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  • Ashleylouise

    That dress is friggin amazing! Love your new cut too!

  • Christina F.

    I love how serious you were with the Spice Girls CD!

    • Hey, I never joke about the Spice Girls!

      • Christina F.

        And I never joke about the Backstreet Boys!!

  • Um, you know, if you don’t need those floral earrings or that wedding dress, I know someone who does (me). 😉 haha! I can’t wait to get back to doing thrift hauls, although they will be considerably small for a while. But I’m going to make myself use the nice camera and also make them SHORTER because… y’know. Quality video and all.

    • Hey, finders keepers! 😉

      Is it just me or does thrifting seem to be lackluster in the summer time? I watched my hauls from last year and they were pretty lame. (Aside from my local thrift store holding a 25 cent box sale in August. Oh boy, I am looking forward to that!) I totally want to see what you’re thrifting!!

  • I love how you thrifted two things you didn’t need, but they were the most awesome things you thrifted! Also, score on that camera!! They’re just so much easier to carry around instead of the DSLRs. When we went on vacation I swore off mine and opted for cell pics only, forgetting I had a mini pink point-and-shoot canon I could’ve taken with me!

    • D’oh! Maybe you’ll remember next time.

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