It’s All Been Done Before | Outfit

gunsroses-sweatshirt-winter-ootd-01 gunsroses-sweatshirt-winter-ootd-02 gunsroses-sweatshirt-winter-ootd-03

Here I go again wearing thrifted clothes that are probably older than me. Sometimes I find it hard to be original when practically everything I own is secondhand. It’s had an owner before me and I’m just trying to pass it off as my own.

As I hinted at last week, my blog is going to do a complete 180 any day now. New name, new look, new everything. I’m still fleshing out the details and trying to make it as personal as I can. But as I just mentioned, it’s difficult finding my own angle in blogging. It feels like everything has been done! My strongest feature is outfit posts but there are only so many ways you can present those.

Sometimes I both love and hate being a creative person.

Outfit details:
Sweatshirt – $2 (thrifted)
Shorts – $1 (thrifted)
Tights – $5 (Wal-Mart)
Sneakers – $10 (Wal-Mart)
Hat – $1 (Dollar Store, old)
Scarf – gift
Jacket – $9 (thrifted)