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faux-bohemian-outfit-01I’ve been plagued with a really dumb fashion question lately and I would love some opinions on it. When choosing your style icons, are you to disregards one personality and base your choice solely on what they wear?

From what I gather, you can. A style icon is someone you admire from a fashion point of view while a role model is someone who is really the whole package.

For example, my style icon is Nicole Richie and I tried to channel her in this outfit. (I think I look a little more like a safari guide at a children’s zoo but that’s beside the point) However, I wouldn’t want to emulate her entire life. Girls got a killer sense of humor but I love my own life!

What do you think? Does your style icon have it all (*ahem* Audrey Hepburn) or does she just have good style?


outfit-detailsWhite shirt – .25 cents (thrifted)
Jacket – hand-me-down
Scarf – from my cousin
Pants – $1 (thrifted)
Mocs – paid w/ gift card (old, unknown)
Hat – $1 (Dollar Tree, old)
Necklace – gift from Rocksbox.com (bracelet was borrowed from them)
Lip color – New York by mirenesse


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  • Ashleylouise

    Those pants are killer! I love the pop with the scarf too!!

    I always think it’s important to be your own style icon, but to take cues from others who DRESS well. That way you make each outfit your own, and you’re not trying to be someone else, but you’re still allowing creative inspiration!

  • Outside of Solange (who has killer style, a cool career, and a gorgeous husband) most of my style icons are beloved ONLY for their style. I am a huge fan of the Olsen twins’ style, and like certain aspects of their career, but that’s about it. If they do something interesting in their personal life it’s a plus and makes them more endearing, but that’s it.

    • I’m glad to know this. I don’t feel so weird only choosing to like celebs based on what they wear now that I know it’s commonly accepted!

  • Lyndsey M

    Hahah you so do not look like a safari guide at a kids zoo!! I think you look incredibly cute and your scarf is TO DIE FOR. seriously I wants one! I honestly think Taylor Swift is my style role model. She is all-in-one for me and I love her! As for strictly style, Id say.. hmm.. Selena Gomez maybe? I dont know much about her but her style is amazing!

    • That’s so funny because I know almost nothing of Selena either but her style is so so cute! If I ever find a twin of this scarf, you can be sure I’ll pass one on to you. I could totally picture you wearing it!

  • Eccentric Owl

    That scarf! I stared at it for like three minutes with pure fascination.

    I definitely choose style icons for style, not personality (although sometimes I like them and their style less if I read up and find out they’re nasty). Come to think of it, though, if you were to ask who my style icon was, I couldn’t actually tell you without long thoughts. My style icons are bloggers, at different times, in different ways. Audrey Hepburn is an obvious choice, and I do love her, but style-wise I wouldn’t wear what she wore because… different body type. I find it hard to choose celeb icons because I don’t like most celebrity day-to-day style (there are very few nerdy-vintage celebs out there, and Zooey Deschanel is not my type). My icons are usually pictures of women walking down the street in the 40’s, or bloggers in specific outfits, or general ideas from one overall blog theme.

    Picking out a style icon is hard, yo. I don’t know why. It’s probably just me.

    • I like how much thought you put into choosing someone! I find myself with way too many inspirations and can’t really narrow it down to one or two.

      If I factor in bloggers with styles I admire, then I’d probably consider their personalities. Most are pretty nice but I guess they have to be that way because they’re post their lives online? lol

  • Anna Nimrichtrová

    Not only that I love your hair and the lipstick, but also the smile!
    That smile of yours is really eye-catching! I wish I looked like that
    when I smile…:)

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Anna! It made me smile. 😉

  • Kaley

    I love that scarf! Faux-heminan – love it!!



    My Closet Life Blog

  • Laura Whitman

    Super cute outfit! I’m loving your shoes especially!

    So in regards to style icons, I love Audrey Hepburn (like every sane woman on the planet!) But, I’m also a fan of Lauren Conrad’s style, but not her. Her style is cute, but I don’t like how she got famous by really doing nothing. I was appalled with myself when I thrifted her style book, but I was looking at it in the store and she suggested wearing a lingerie/slip thing as a shirt and I thought, oh! That’s a good idea. Went over to the rack at that store and found the perfect floral slip to wear as a top. So, I bought the book too. I’m weak.




    • Hey, I don’t blame ya! I’ve probably done something similar before. haha

  • I love that scarf! Faux-heminan – love it!!

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