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What I Bought (And Returned!) To thredUP in October

What I Bought (And Returned!) To thredUP in October

This post contains items from thredUP that were bought with store credit in exchange for a social media post. It also contains affiliate links & I may receive a commission if you click or complete a purchase through them. All thoughts & opinions expressed are my own.

Fall thredUP Thrift Haul | www.theoutfitrepeater.comFall thredUP Thrift Haul

I’m back with another thredUP thrift haul full of hits and misses!

It’s been a while since I shared my finds; mostly because I was buying one or two things at a time that just weren’t working and got sent back right away.

But for September/October my luck started to change and I found a bunch of things on the thredUP website + waited patiently for a big sale (pro tip: they host good ones monthly, usually on the weekends!).

My patience paid off and I got a few things I’m excited to wear. I also got a few things that didn’t fit quite right or I ended up not loving them in person.

Let’s check out the finds!





Yellow High Waisted Capris

These yellow capris were waiting on my wishlist all summer and I finally decided to just give them a chance.

There are a few pros: the yellow is the right shade, the waist is high enough for my long torso, and you can’t beat an elastic waistband.

But the cons outweighed the pros: too baggy (wrong size!) and the cut was not doing anything for me. I think I’ll stick with wide leg pants in the future!

Red Jumpsuit

In theory, a red jumpsuit seems pretty rad. I stared at this one for a long time (sitting beside red Converse sneakers that got snatched up by someone else way too quickly).

Alas, as soon as I put it on, I couldn’t UNSEE myself wearing a prison jumpsuit. I think this has to do with the waist sitting low. If it was high waisted, it might be really fabulous!

But props to the jumpsuit for actually fitting. It’s always a gamble ordering a one piece item like this!

(P.S. these high heels were also purchased this month. Most comfortable pair ever! From the brand “Dream Pairs”. Living up to the name!)

White Square Neck Blouse

I’ve had a few rounds with ordering flouncy white blouses online and they’re just not working out. I think this is an item I really need to source and try on in person.

This one might look ok in a photo, but in real life, the elastic sleeves were cutting into my arm at the fleshiest part and it was very tight in my bust.

Yellow T-Shirt Dress

I had an Instagram closet sale this summer and ended up selling off my entire collection of yellow dresses. So now I’m trying to build it back up with cuts and colors that I truly adore!

I love the shade of this one and the idea that it’s a t-shirt style, but it hugged my body too closely. I’d rather it look casual and relaxed, not tight and fitted.

Black Overalls

Speaking of casual and relaxed… these overalls!!!

Holy cow, they were a total wildcard item but I’m obsessed. Anything that can give a middle finger to the fashion police is a win in my book! Am I Amish? Do I have a body? Do I care that these don’t flatter any part of my figure?!

I think they’ll be awesome to wear in the summer, just add a t-shirt underneath or throw a denim jacket on top. Love love love them!

Give Thrifting A Chance!

I’m already building another cart full of goodies from thredUP!

If you’ve never tried the secondhand website, new customers can sign up using my link and get 40% off your first order. Let me know what you ended up buying!

What do you think of my purchases this month? Be sure to Pin your favorite outfit and follow along for more fashion posts coming soon!



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