An online secondhand personal styling service by Hannah Rupp aka The Outfit RepeaterA New Secondhand Personal Styling Service

Have you ever wished that I could style you? Well, wish granted!

On April 1st, I’m starting a unique, online secondhand styling service that offers pre-made outfits just for YOU!

“On-Site Stylist” by Hannah Rupp is a brand new personal styling experience that allows you to purchase an entire secondhand outfit without any guesswork.

What Is This?

This is turning those “personal styling boxes” on their head by taking all the guesswork out of shopping. No surveys, no surprises, no waiting.

This service is ideal for those who need a complete outfit quickly, like thrifting but don’t have time to go out, prefer shopping from the comfort of home, interested in trying new styles, or want to dress like an outfit repeater! 😉

How Does This Work?

On the first of each month, a new size-inclusive collection of thrifted outfits will go live online. And because these are created using thrift store clothes, every collection is limited so you have to shop fast.

In the event that an outfit remains unsold for 3 months, it gets split up and put in a flash sale on Instagram (@stylisthannahr). Each piece is priced considerably lower than a full outfit and is available to shoppers all over the world.

If the individual pieces still don’t sell after the flash sale, they get donated back to a thrift store and start a new life with someone else.

An online secondhand personal styling service by Hannah Rupp aka The Outfit Repeater

What’s Next?

If you’re still not sold on this idea, the chance for an even more personal styling experience will be an option in the future. Hang tight!

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to follow the fun on Instagram and sign-up for the newsletter to stay in the style loop. Thank you for your continued support and I can’t wait to dress you!


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