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Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore At Work (In A Clothing Store!)

Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore At Work (In A Clothing Store!)

What I Wore At Work

Time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ve been “back” at Maurices for almost a year and while my new role as a social media manager requires spending very little time on-site (aka, in store) I still pop in to grab content and stay in touch with my co-workers.

(For the curious, I previously worked at Maurices from 2018-2020 as a stylist but left because of my chronic health conditions.)

Back in the day, I used to do outfit round-ups of my work looks that I wore during shifts but it’s harder to do when you spend your time working from home in leggings. (Though they are Maurices leggings! 😂)

I usually snap a pic of my outfit when I’m in the store so I wanted to gather those and share them in (what’s possibly?) a new series on my blog? We’ll see how much I can keep it up! haha

But if you want to see the outfits in real time, follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on my Stories! I don’t follow a set schedule so you never know when I’ll be posting from the store.


In Living Color

This is what I wore into the store on my “day off” to try on new arrivals. We were having some really great sales and I was itching to spend my associate discount. I did end up buying a few things that are now living happily in my closet.

As for this outfit, it’s all thrifted except my very old H&M jeggings!

hannah is standing in front of a mirror. she's wearing a rainbow striped top, yellow rain coat, blue jeans, and red ballet flats

Shades of Blue

One of my purchases from the above haul is this tank top known as a “highline tank”. It’s ribbed, stretchy, and oh so comfy! I’ve got them in a few different colors right now.

So I paired my “something new” with old items from my closet which includes these vintage polka dot shorts that I’ve had for forever!

hannah is standing in front of a mirror. she's wearing a turquoise tank top, white denim jacket, blue polka dot shorts, and white sandals

Out Of The Blue

One weekend I got a very urgent and unexpected phone call from my co-workers that asked if I could help out on the floor. This was a highly unusual situation as I’m hired strictly as the at-home social media person but recognized the predicament they were in and was sympathetic.

Thankfully I could rely on my ol’ floor training to get by, I just couldn’t use the cash registers. What started as a couple of hours turned into 6 and thankfully everything turned out ok!

As for me, I took a restful nap before heading in and put on a brand new maxi dress to wear during the shift. I can’t even count the number of compliments I got while wearing it! It’s a hit!

hannah is standing in front of a mirror. she's wearing a long blue maxi dress, white denim jacket, and white sandals

Red, White, and NEW!

Maurices invites associates to take part in weekly outfit challenges and this particular one was focused on the new Americana pieces hitting the floor.

I went in to play dress-up and put together this outfit that honestly looks like something straight from my own closet! At the time of writing this in June 2022, all of these pieces are available online or at your local Maurices.

hannah is standing in front of a mirror. she's wearing a tank tank top, red paisley kimono, light wash jeggings, white sandals, and a white bucket hat

Shorts Season

Another outfit challenge I took part in was trying on the new incoming shorts. We seriously have styles to fit any fashionista!

While I tried on a bunch of looks, this particular one was a fave. These shorts had a nice stretch to them and the lace details really set them apart from the other styles for sale!

hannah is standing in front of a mirror. she's wearing a red paisley tank top, white lace kimono, sun hair, lacy shorts, and white sandals

Hometown Chic

I snapped this pic as part of a special Maurices promotion to show off hometown pride. My entire look is from there! This image was even featured in their Instagram Stories. I was so proud to represent where I’m from and where I work!

Fun fact: Monroe is known as the “Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA” and has the only factory in the nation that makes Limburger cheese! 🧀 Have you tried it before?

hannah is standing in front of a blue billboard that says "greetings from monroe" she's smiling in red lipstick, a red dress, and a denim vest

Mellow Yellow

One last fashion challenge outfit for ya!

This one features our comfy basics (a 24/7 tank) with KanCan shorts. I dressed it all up with a floral kimono, wide brim sun hat, and jewelry. I’m ready for a beach vacation!

hannah is standing in front of a mirror. wearing a yellow tank top, floral kimono, light wash high waisted shorts, sandals, and a hat.


That’s all the outfits I have for right now. If you need a link to an exact piece, let me know in the comments. There were just too many to add to this post!

Also, be sure to Pin your favorites and follow along to see more! 🙂



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