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Colorful Fall Thrifted Capsule Wardrobe: 10 pcs, 25+ Outfit Ideas

Colorful Fall Thrifted Capsule Wardrobe: 10 pcs, 25+ Outfit Ideas

colorful graphic fall thrifted capsule wardrobe with 10 itemsColorful Fall Thrifted Capsule Wardrobe

You don’t need more clothes, you just need to get creative with what you have!

I love putting together these types of posts, demonstrating the power of a capsule wardrobe.

For so long, capsule wardrobes have been synonymous with minimalism and kind of boring. (I also don’t know how relevant they are anymore but I have my reasons for this post!)

I can promise that there is no boring here! I believe it’s possible to have a limited wardrobe but to make it exciting.

For my third installment of a colorful capsule wardrobe (see: summer capsule wardrobe and my winter capsule wardrobe) I decided to tackle fall, which is arguably the most vibrant of all seasons. Plus we’re all probably yearning for some layering after a hot summer!

I asked on my Instagram if this is something you wanted to see and it was a resounding YES! I’m so glad that I can make this happen and share my vision for a small and colorful wardrobe with you.

If you’re curious how it went, keep scrolling for some epic outfit inspiration!

The Importance of a Capsule Wardrobe

As I mentioned above, I do have a reason to try to keep this capsule wardrobe trend thing going.

We’re definitely living in an interesting time where consumerism and interest in sustainability are colliding. There’s really not a perfect solution or one-size-fits-all choice for everyone. We’re all on our own journeys with fashion and consumption.

But one way to meet in the middle is to be conscious of the items you’re buying. A capsule wardrobe – whether it’s 30 pieces or your entire closet – can be a carefully curated selection of clothes that all mingle together.

I hope that you’re inspired by this post and can see the benefit of buying clothes that can be re-worn a million different ways. (Maybe not a million, unless you get crafty. ?)

Creating a Thrifted Capsule Wardrobe

Choosing pieces for a capsule wardrobe is one of my favorite things. Some tips to keep in mind when building your own are:

  • How many pieces do you need? (Alternatively: how long do you want to do it so you know how many clothes you need?)
  • What color story are you using?
  • Is there a theme or common thread you’re aiming for?

My answer to those questions are:  10 pieces for 1 week, I Googled a random color story, and my theme was thrifted and Fall!

Using this equation, you can come up with a capsule wardrobe for fun or financial purposes, or even use it when packing for a trip!

My Thrifted Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

With the number 10 in mind and a color story picked out, I went through my closet and chose clothes that fit the bill.

They are: little orange dress, orange tee, yellow tee, white turtleneck, leopard print pullover sweater, baby blue cardigan, cognac moto jacket, maroon jeggings, leopard print skirt, and burnt orange palazzo pants. (If I did it all over again, I’d swap out the orange tee for a graphic tee. I think it would have expressed my personal style a smidge better.)

I didn’t have any restrictions on accessories but I did seem to pull the same ones again and again. Lots of slouchy hats, neck scarves, and low-heeled booties.

Wearing My Thrifted Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Next came the really fun part – I hung up all the pieces together and let my imagination run wild! In total, I came up with 28 outfits and I’m very satisfied with that number. Let me know what you think of the looks!


❤️ All pieces are thrifted except the jeggings, shoes, oversized scarf, and slouchy hats. ❤️

Capsule Wardrobe Recap

Once again, I just want to say how fun this was! Everybody should try this at least once as a creative exercise.

And just like at the end of a trip, I was SO happy to be reunited with my full closet again. This way of getting dressed definitely works for me shorterm and helps eliminate a lot of the brain fog/decision fatigue related to my health issues, but I wouldn’t want to do it forever.

If you found value in this post, please be sure to Pin your favorite looks to recreate later! ?



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