Writers Block Be Gone! Weird Writing Tricks To Try Out

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So, I take it you hit a writing road block? You’re looking for something fun to get your creative juices flowing? You’ve come to the write place. #SorryNotSorry

I don’t take a lot very seriously and that includes my writing. Please keep that in mind today as I share with you the weird methods I’ve come up with to help break my writers block whether I need a blog post idea or an entire script. Silly? Yes. Inspiring? Also, yes.

Flex those fingers and get ready to try out my tried & true creative writing hacks.

Big Deal

Take formerly written text and inject it with as many voluminous words as feasible.

Can You Do It In Less?

Choose a paragraph or sentence written by another writer and narrow their idea down in fewer words while still maintaining the structure of the article. A great place to look for ideas are on blogs.

Create headlines

Create stories from magazine headlines. For example: “Look On The Bright Side!” Is it an article about the sun? Living a positive life? You decide!

Make it a game

Write down random or unusual words (adjectives, nouns, be creative!) on a slips of paper, toss them in a hat, and pick one. Challenge yourself to write a sentence using that word somewhere in it. You could get even more ambitious by trying to write a poem, a paragraph, or even a joke from that word!


In a similar game, try to narrow down a paragraph into a single tweet of 140 characters or less. You probably already do this on a daily basis (stupid character limits!) so it shouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

Sell me a product pitch

Make up a fake product and write a pitch for it. How will you sell it to others? Does it have a tagline? How many ways can you use it?

Roast a celebrity

Pretend to be roasting a celebrity. The odds of getting to do this in real life are slim, so challenge yourself to come up with a string of original jokes at the expense of your favorite famous person.

Do some re-writing

Re-write a classic book/movie/t.v. episode. How would you update it and bring it into this century?

And Now For The News

Take an ordinary piece of writing, a friend’s Facebook status would be superb, and rewrite it to become headlining news story. (Bonus points if you share it with your friend and prove how dramatic they are.)

The Alphabet Game

This is a twist on a children’s game. In a single paragraph, begin each sentence off with a different letter of the alphabet and continue the suit in alphabetical order. Be even more creative by starting with a different letter other than A.

“All my friends think I’m cool. But I don’t have any friends. Could be because I don’t get out much. Don’t judge me!”  (maybe not the most proper string of words, but you get the gist)

Inanimate Object

Write a story from the point of view of an inanimate object in your space. Maybe a coffee mug, your favorite pillow, or even your shower! What crazy tales does it have to say?

Mad Libs

Fill out a Mad Libs! These are silly stories that you fill in with parts of speech and read aloud to amuse your friends (or annoy them, totally your choice.) Best of all, if you can’t get your hands on a paper copy, you can use an online or app version.

Write a list

Write a list… about anything, something, and nothing at all. Just write one!


Disclaimer: These tips are only meant to be used for fun. Since many encourage you to work from something previously written, those writings are only intended to be used as an outline and you should not blatantly plagiarize someone else’s hard work. Stealing ain’t cool, man.


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