Wearing Sequins for Breakfast | New Year’s Eve Outfit

New Year’s Eve is a time for loud music, good fun, and.. wearing sequins for breakfast?


I love weird clothes and breaking fashion rules, but even I have to admit that wearing sequins for breakfast is a bit of stretch. Don’t worry, I didn’t really do it.

This is actually a modified version of my New Year’s Eve outfit (you can see a little bit of it on my instagram) but I can assure you that the real thing was full of pizazz, sparkle, and a lot of 1980s magic. (Ok, so I basically just described this outfit. Cut me a break, mmk?)

breakfast-club-tee-sequin-skirt-molly-ringwald-1980s-outfit-03 breakfast-club-tee-sequin-skirt-molly-ringwald-1980s-outfit-06

This was yet another outfit inspired by Pinterest. (See the first one here) I can’t believe it took me so long to pair sequins with a casual tee! What rock have I been hiding under?

I haven’t worn this thrifted Breakfast Club tee until now. I guess I wanted to wait for a special occasion and it doesn’t get much better than New Year’s Eve.

For its first wear, I styled it with this sequin skirt, a Pepto pink moto jacket, and my favorite pork pie hat. It’s pretty rad, if I do say so myself.

breakfast-club-tee-sequin-skirt-molly-ringwald-1980s-outfit-05 breakfast-club-tee-sequin-skirt-molly-ringwald-1980s-outfit-02

And now, it’s time to scavenge for breakfast. I feel like I haven’t eaten since last year! 😉

I hope you started the year off on the right foot. Hey, you’re reading my blog post so things can’t be going too bad? Go out and make 2016 FABULOUS!

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Thrifted t-shirt, 25 cents
Sequined consigned online skirt, free with gift cards
Pink jacket consigned online, free with gift cards (just realized I bought these pieces in the same order. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!)
Old ASOS black pork pie hat, free with gift cards
Black gifted heels
Black Wal-Mart tights, $5
Fuschia by YSL lipstick