The 1980s Jumpsuit | Outfit

vintage-jumpsuit-1980s-outfit-02If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve thrifted something just a smidge outside of your comfort zone.

This jumpsuit was that to me. I’ve been wanting a modern black jumpsuit because I thought a vintage one would be a trend better left to Abba or a car mechanic.

I had grand plans of cutting this baby up but after tearing out the ridiculous shoulder pads, I tried it on again and fell in love with it. It ended up being perfect and I think I was just being too hard on it the first time.

After being stumped on how to style this little number, my 80s instincts kicked in and turned out this stellar vintage look!

So I guess this counts as another thrifting Cinderella story, huh?
vintage-jumpsuit-1980s-outfit-05vintage-jumpsuit-1980s-outfit-01vintage-jumpsuit-1980s-outfit-06vintage-jumpsuit-1980s-outfit-03vintage-jumpsuit-1980s-outfit-04 outfit-detailsJumpsuit – free (thrifted)
Jacket – $1 (thrifted)
Belt – for sale in my Etsy shop
Sunnies – .50 cents (thrifted)
Flats – $7 (Wal-Mart)
Lipstick – 911D by Wet’n’Wild


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  • this jumpsuit is fantastic! you rock it! I’m glad you kept it intact. =D


  • Stitch Factory

    This jumpsuit is perfect for you! (You should come learn how to make your own at Stitch Factory:)!! )

  • Emily

    OMG, you look SO FIERCE in this! I love it! I too have been afraid of jumpsuits but my friend keeps telling me that I just have to find the right one and then it will be love. I guess maybe she’s right!

  • Rebecca

    So chic! Good thing you didn’t tear it apart because it looks great on you. I can’t believe you got it for free! I have been looking for a jumpsuit to add to my clothing collection. Mostly because I think that they are very flattering and a great alternative to pants/ jeans. Slightly embarrassed to admit, but one of the main reasons I want a jumpsuit is to prevent the dreaded muffin top and the jeans waistband digging in… I need to workout more. Rebecca//

  • I feel like I lucked out with it! I still might try searching for a modern alternative because I actually couldn’t sit well in this one. It fit fine when I was standing but got tiiiight when I sat! lol

  • I would say they’re right! I was like that with denim jackets and then I bought one and I’ve never looked back.

  • Thank you so much, Nancy!

  • Lyndsey M

    Ok, this outfit needs an award for like, the coolest outfit of the week. Can that be a thing?

    and yes, it seriously does count as a Cinderella thrifting story. There’s some jelly mechanics out there that envy you for making a jumpsuit this cool! ;D