Read This Before Getting Dressed!

Are you about to get dressed? Good, I got you just in time. Before you go and pick out an outfit, read this post for tips on getting dressed.

fashion tips for getting dressed

Fashion magazines are good at doling out outfit inspiration but are they really teaching you how to get dressed and achieve your own flawless style? Luckily, fashion bloggers like me are here to take over where those magazines left off. Whether you’re in a style rut or looking to try something different, here are 7 ways to spice up an outfit (that doesn’t include pattern mixing!) and make people take notice of your awesome attire.

Read This Before Getting Dressed! | The Outfit Repeater


Get out of your usual comfort zone and try out a new silhouette. Be it a midi length skirt or a bodycon dress. Screw flattering your figure and aim for fun!

Read This Before Getting Dressed! | The Outfit Repeater


Textures are a great way to mix up your wardrobe that I think gets overlooked a lot. Try something pleated with something knit. Whatever your imagination (and your closet) comes up with.

Read This Before Getting Dressed! | The Outfit Repeater


Fashion 101 teaches us to shake up our outfits by pairing together different colors. This is the fastest and simplest way to try something new if you’re scared. It’s not very crazy but I think you will love the results. (My fave color combo at the moment is aqua + red. It’s weird, I know!)

Read This Before Getting Dressed! | The Outfit Repeater


Don’t mix colors. Go monochromatic! Wear an outfit head-to-toe of one color palette. White always looks fresh but don’t be afraid to be every color of the rainbow.

Read This Before Getting Dressed! | The Outfit Repeater

Prints + Patterns

Put together a print and a pattern. (I promise this is different than pattern mixing.) Try on a polka dot jean with a palm tree top. One is a pattern (a repeated decorative design in the fabric) and one is a print (a single image repeated on top of the garment) so it works!

Read This Before Getting Dressed! | The Outfit Repeater


Comedy only works if you can surprise the audience and give them something unexpected. Those same rules apply to fashion! Show something ordinary in a whole new way. Like a blazer with a graphic tee. Or a dainty dress with a leather jacket. Just keep mixing things that don’t belong until you’re satisfied with your new combination.

Read This Before Getting Dressed! | The Outfit Repeater


Throw on something sequined or metallic and call it a day! You’ll look fabulous and likely garner tons of compliments. (And if that doesn’t work, you can just try another one of these suggestions the next day.)

Now go on and use your newfound knowledge to have the best outfit day ever!

Next up: Learn how to style your vintage clothing in a little post I wrote called How To Style Vintage Clothing. Or scroll through my best outfits of 2014 to get major fashion inspo from yours truly. Or even read up on how to incorporate leopard print into your life!


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  • Steph Strays

    Great post – will definitely consider these things tomorrow morning when I’m picking out an outfit for the day!

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