Now Available In My Etsy Shop!

etsy-vintage-shop-updateThis day didn’t go the way I planned but that’s ok because it gave me a chance to update my Etsy shop. I’ve had a load of stuff to add for forever and it’s finally live and for sale!

I’ve put off adding new things because I’ve been hoping to rename the shop to go along with the subtle rebrand I’ve done over the last few months. Moving forward I hope to fill it with lots of my favorite ’80s era items, most coming from my personal collection. But I think I used up all my good brain juice coming up with the name of this blog and haven’t had many good ideas since. Isn’t that the way it goes!

So what’s in this for you? Besides getting to look at some awesome teasures, there’s also a 20% off (no minimum) promo code! Simply type in TWENTYOFF at the checkout and it’s all yours. This is a thank you for all of my blog readers. You da best!


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