My Etsy Shop Just Got Totally Awesome

For awhile there, I was convinced I was never going to find another perfect name for my Etsy shop. I thought I was doomed with “An Old Store-y” for the rest of my life and would have to explain to strangers why I added a “y” to the end of store. (S’rsly, if I had to explain it one more time…)My Etsy Shop Just Got Totally Awesome | The Outfit RepeaterBut after spending months using my handy naming algorithm, I finally had a breakthrough last week. After thinking of every possible name, I found the one. (How come finding a boyfriend isn’t this easy?)

From now on, my shop will be called 1980something. I am stoked beyond belief to finally have an ’80s themed shop to call my own!

On top of selling rad vintage finds, I plan to continue my adventures in handmade jewelry making. And in honor of my do over*, I’m offering up a sweet discount code for you. Just enter “TOTALLYAWESOME” when you’re checking out and you’ll snag 40% off your order.

Thank you once again for all your continued support. You all are totally awesome! 😉

Shop 1980something July discount code | The Outfit Repeater
*Does anyone else remember that failed tv show about lil’ Penn Badgley reliving the 1980s? Just me?