How To Name Your Blog or Business

How To Name Your Blog, business, or other non-human thing advice tips tricks hacks

Before I became The Outfit Repeater, I spent months agonizing over a new blog name. I had grown out of An Old Story and was ready for something that more accurately represented who I am now.

I read every “how to name your blog” article on the web and finally came to the conclusion that finding Bigfoot would be easier than finding a new name.

I’m now going through the re-naming process yet again so I thought I’d share what steps I’m taking to get there. Some are my own ideas and others I’ve seen elsewhere. Nevertheless, I hope they help you in naming your blog, your shop, or other non-human thing that needs to be named.

Start with a plan

Before we dig deep, have a solid plan of who you are so you know what to look for. I’m not here to help you decide what kind of website to run, only to help with the name. I spent a lot of time staring at this blog inspiration board I made. Not everyone needs one though but it helped me stay on track.
blog inspiration fashion girl board

Choose the name length

This may seem like a dumb step but choosing how long I wanted my title to be helped me to skip over ones that were too short or too long. An ideal name is 2-5 words long. (I personally chose 3.)

Be inspired by others

I kept a running list on the back of my collage with names that inspired me. They included “Man Repellar” “Delightfully Tacky” and “The Fashion Citizen”. It’s important not to blatantly rip off another persons name. My goal was to find a name that had the same vibe. (The Outfit Repeater does, don’t you think?)


Write down a list of your favorite words, ideally that relate to your website topic (I used girl, awesome, repeat, instant, etc.)

Also write down poems, lyrics, puns, band names, and things of that nature that speak to you. Since I love the ’80s oh so much, I combed through every magazine and tape I could find to come up with my list of words.

I cannot stress enough how important this step was to me!

Make it into a game

This is my favorite part because I’m a game fanatic and love turning everything into something fun.

I took my list of words and ran it through multiple “random title generators” online. This was helpful to see my words in a different way than how I was pairing them.

I also wrote down a bunch of my words on pieces of paper and physically mashed words together. It felt like homework but in a fun way!how to name your blog game words ideas tips tricks hacks

My favorite websites include:

Quick tip: Not finding any words that grab you? Make one up! Consider adding a prefix or a suffix to a word. (-ade, -able, -dom, miss, mr., etc)

Check your name availability

Triple check that your dream name is not already taken on your chosen platform(s). This website was invaluable to me:

Launch your site!

Follow these steps about 100 times until you get your final name. Just have fun with it!