Green With Envy | Outfit

bodycon-skirt-outfit-01I am convinced that wind is the arch nemesis of fashion bloggers.

Some days I wake up excited to wear a breezy dress and then look outside my window and the trees are practically blowing sideways from all the wind. It’s really uncool not getting to wear what you want because of the weather. On those days I find that bodycon is the answer. It’s got all the appeal of wearing a skirt without the potential to flash strangers.

Fashion bloggers living in warm climates can keep their sleeveless tops and bare feet. I feel lucky living where it’s cold (albeit windy) if only for the fact that I can layer my clothes and not melt to death.

bodycon-skirt-outfit-02 bodycon-skirt-outfit-03 bodycon-skirt-outfit-04

outfit-detailsGreen top – gift
Gingham collar top – free (thrifted)
Skirt – $8 (thrifted)
Jacket – $9 (thrifted)
Tights/Flats – $5/$7 (Wal-Mart)
Necklace – handmade
Pork pie hat – paid w/ gift card (
Lip color – “Flirt” by Too Faced Glamour Gloss