Dark & Vampy Makeup Tutorial ft. Shiro Cosmetics

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-08Want to look dark and mysterious without being dark and mysterious? This super easy makeup tutorial has got you covered. Best of all, it’s void of eyeliner so there’s one less pointy object being used near your eye!

To see what else you can do with Shiro cosmetics, check out this amazing round-up I got to be a part of on Cut Out + Keep.

Disclaimer: Shiro cosmetics sent to me a set of eye shadows for free in exchange for a super cool tutorial. No monetary compensation was exchanged and all opinions are my own. Thank you to Shiro and Cut Out+Keep!
shiro-cosmetics-makeup-11 shiro-cosmetics-makeup-10
shiro-cosmetics-makeup-01 I started off with a clean face (of course) and slathered on some moisturizer.

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-02I add some foundation and eyebrows just to give myself a blank slate. (Eyebrows are totally optional. I just like mine filled in!)

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-03Next, using some e.l.f. bronzer, I hollowed out my cheekbones.

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-16Using a fluffy brush, I layered two Shiro cosmetic shadows, called Whiteout and Mother of Dragons, together. I mixed them really well on my eyelid. It created an otherworldly color. It reminded of a dragon’s scale! (How appropriate, right?)

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-15I love highlighter so I added Whiteout from Shiro cosmetics on the inner corners of my eye.shiro-cosmetics-makeup-05While I still had the Shiro color Whiteout in sight, I swept it above my cheeks for more shimmer. You can skip this as it leads to a shiny face that not everybody needs! (I do, I totally do.)

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-04My almost last step was to curl and set my lashes with my current fave mascara. Any brand will do!

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-06My obsession with dark lipstick played in well with this look as it was my final step. I used the ever lovely shade “Bordeaux” by Kate for Rimmel London. I can’t say enough good things about it!

shiro-cosmetics-makeup-07A few pearls later and the look is complete!