Closet Tour + Organizational Tips | Video

Forever and a day ago I teased making a closet tour video and today I’m finally following through by doing just that!

Does anyone else remember when Gabi Fresh used to snoop in the closets of fashion bloggers? I always looked forward to those videos and secretly wished she would have filmed mine. I guess my own closet tour is about as close as I’ll ever get!

So watch my video above to get an inside look at my closet and find out how I organize it. I’d take my tips with a grain of salt, though, because I am not a neat freak.. as you could probably tell by the floor of my closet. 😉

Closet Tour + Organizational Tips Video | The Outfit Repeater


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  • rae

    Really cute video! Love those light up birthday sunglasses so much! And great job with the editing. Was very impressed.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • How can you be so adorable!? I love your wall of sunglasses and necklaces.. man that is a super stash!! (also, those purses. *heart eyes for days!*)