Calling All Fab Fashion Bloggers & Fans!

Introducing: a group board for fashion bloggers on Pinterest that is free of spam!
Being a part of group Pinterest boards rocks! But my endless search for a fashion bloggers-based group board brought me to board after board filled with spammy links and highly exclusive groups with impossible rules. Why can’t things be simple?

Finally, I decided once and for all to start my own group board for the regular people like me, who just want to share their style with the internet world.

I’d like to invite you to join my new group Pinterest board for fashion bloggers called “Fab Fashion Bloggers“. Whether you’re a blogger who wants to pin, or a fan who wants to follow. I’d love this to be a fun, spam-free space.

Follow Hannah | The Outfit Repeater’s board Fab Fashion Bloggers on Pinterest.



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  • I’d love to be a part of it! Here’s my pinterest email: and my pinterest is

    • Sweet! You’re in! Well, as soon as I’m done replying to this comment and then add your name. 😉

  • Great idea! Whenever I see an outfit that I love and the link leads to a “not original content” site it is frustrating. I only occasionally post outfit posts on our blog, but I am big Pinterest fan so I would like to collaborate whenever we post one:

    • Dead links drive me crazy, too. I will get you added right away!

  • nmettille

    Yes, please! My pinterest is

    Look at you with your good ideas 😉

    • Thanks, I’m glad to be contributing in a small way to the fashion blogging community. Yay! I’ll get you added right away, Noelle!

  • Awesome idea! You’re so right that finding good group boards is hard. I’d love to be added. I followed the board, my pinterest is

    • You’re in! Thanks for taking an interest, Rachel. 🙂