Birthday Girl | Outfit

pretty-in-pink-spring-outfit-06Today is my birthday which makes this my first post as a 24 year old! I’m going to spend my day the way God intended me to – thrifting.

Also, you’re invited to my online “birthday party” tomorrow. All the details are in this really professional video I made. I hope to see you your name there! 🙂

Here’s to many more years of cake, ice-cream, did I say cake?, and more Goodwill employees complimenting for looking like ‘that girl from Pretty in Pink’.
pretty-in-pink-spring-outfit-04pretty-in-pink-spring-outfit-01pretty-in-pink-spring-outfit-02pretty-in-pink-spring-outfit-05outfit-detailsBlouse – $1.23 (thrifted)
Shorts – $1.23 (thrifted)
Cardigan – $1 (Wal-Mart)
Tights – $5 (Wal-Mart)
Pork pie hat – paid w/ gift card (, old)
Necklace – $2.80 (, old)
Sunnies – .50 cents (thrifted)
Oxfords – paid w/ gift card (
Lip color – I don’t remember. Hey, I’m 24, I don’t have to remember anything anymore!