7 Ways To Incorporate Leopard Print Into Your Closet

Prints and patterns are a big deal in my wardrobe, with leopard print being my most favorite. I will look for any excuse to wear it, even if it’s just in a lounge outfit at home.

If you haven’t already jumped on board to the leopard print trend for fear of looking like Peg Bundy, then here are my simple suggestions for adding it into your closet slowly.

Just a dab

Introduce leopard print into your wardrobe really slowly. Like with a leopard print skinny belt or a pair of braided sandals.
leopard print-001

It’s in the details

I don’t know where I would be without my leopard print scarf. It’s a statement piece that’s light enough to wear in the summer but can be wrapped up and still be warm in the winter.

Main Attraction

There’s no missing leopard print when it’s worn as either a skirt or a dress. I chose to anchor it with similar dark colors so that it had the spotlight.
leopard print1-001

Going For Bold

Leopard print is a neutral and so when you treat is as such, it will go with everything in your wardrobe. Below I mixed a cardigan with printed tights. Wowza! But I kept the colors in the same family so it wouldn’t seem overwhelming.

Just For Fun

There is no wrong time to have a Karate Kid moment. Remember when I said I wear leopard print around my house? I wasn’t kidding! Even my face washing headband is in the same print. It makes removing my makeup a whole lot more fun!new-photos-03

What’s your favorite way to wear leopard print?