Everything I Thrifted In April

If you’re looking for a boring thrift haul video then you outta keep moving! This month I thrifted some super cool stuff and am even sharing with you some of my reject items.

For Serious Thrifters Only

Thrifting is like a rollercoaster. There’s highs, there’s lows, and there’s a lot of strange kids screaming behind you. If this has never happened to you while you’re thrifting, you might be doing it wrong. This post is for all the serious thrifters out there and what we go through for the thrill …

Making a Statement in a Parrot Shaped Necklace

This outfit is for the birds! Or at least that’s what you’d think considering I’m wearing a statement necklace in the shape of a parrot. But I think humans will enjoy this look just the same because, come on, it’s an awesome outfit!

The Anti-Spring Outfit

A flirty skirt, a floral top, and nude ballet flats may conjure up images of the quintessential spring outfit but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth! Today I took all the staples of warm weather wear and came up with what I’d like the think is the anti-spring …

Spring Style At It’s Best

This blog post is cloudy with a chance of style! Read on for inspiration to step up your spring style with looks plucked from The Outfit Repeater archive.

Pattern Mixing To The Max!

A shift in the season, and my ever changing hair color, left my brain feeling drained of creative ideas but, luckily it was nothing a magazine binge couldn’t fix.

An Honest, Unpaid Poshmark Review + Selling Tips

When was the last time you can say you read an honest, unpaid review for a product or service? Sugarcoated reviews from bloggers are kind of the norm nowadays so consider this post a breath of fresh air. I’m going to give you a truthful Poshmark review and tell what …

A Spring Outfit Styled By Bread & Roses Vintage

Good friends give you style advice, but great friends pick out an outfit for you to wear from your closet. Clearly Emily of Bread and Roses Vintage is a great friend, today, because she styled me in this awesome spring outfit!